Moving to Orlando

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Orlando has a subtropical climate, and the usual Florida rainy and dry seasons, with storms and hurricanes not uncommon during the height of the summer. If you are considering moving to central florida, you will enjoy consistent warm weather most of the year round.

Tourism forms a large part of Orlando’s economy. The area welcomes nearly 50 million visitors a year and it’s large theme parks are known all over the world, with the leading parks Walt Disney World, Sea World and Universal.

The conference industry is also an important part of the economy. The city is home to the second largest convention center in the country and brings many high profile events to the area.

Additional areas of importance within the economy are high tech and industrial research, particularly defence related.

As with most tourist areas Orlando is home to a large number of arts and culture centres. The city is well known for the performing arts, particularly theatre and has a wide variety of museums representing the visual arts, science and historical events.

When you have had enough of visiting the museums and galleries, you won’t be short of places to shop! The retail industry is represented by many large shopping malls. In fact the city is one of the fastest growing retail markets in the country.

Orlando is an important cultural centre and has a wide range of arts facilities, including major theatres, visual arts museums and performing arts centres.

Prepairing your move to Orlando Florida

When considering moving companies in florida you will want to ensure that you are not decreasing your overall standard of living. For those relocating to Florida internationally, as a non-US citizen most businesses will require you to obtain a work visa.

Orlando International Airport

The largest airport in Orlando, Orlando International Airport, is also the busiest passenger airport in the state, not only that, but it is well known for good service, and has been voted the best airport in the country, allowing Orlando’s residents to travel easily and comfortably, in addition to welcoming the city’s, and indeed many of the state’s visitors. If you are relocating to Florida, you know you will be in good hands!

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