A Guide for Moving to NYC

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New York City is located in the South East of New York State, and in the North East of the US continent. It is the largest city in the US and has a continental climate with cold winters and warm summers.

Moving to NYC

Infrastructure / Job Prospects

If you are are interested in moving to NYC for work you may know that New York is one of the largest cities in the world and experienced a 4.83% growth in jobs between 2000 and 2005. It is a globally important center for business and trade, one of the three world powerhouse city economies (together with London and Tokyo) and is currently the largest financial center in the world (although a recent downturn may mean this being lost to London, UK).

Major industries and influences in New York include the arts, entertainment, media, fashion and education. With regard to the arts, the city has always played an globally important role, and its influence cannot be understated. It has given rise to, or promoted to a world audience, several musical genres, most notably hip hop and punk in addition to defining a genre with abstract expressionism in painting.

The city’s finance and insurance industries are important prongs in both the New York and world economy, forming over a third of the city’s employment value (by dollar value).

New York is home to the headquarters of over 44 Fortune 500 companies and is the largest regional economy in the US, with an annual revenue of over $950 billion.

New York’s position in world affairs cannot be under-estimated. It is the headquarters of the United Nations, home to over 100 consulates, and has played an important political role nationally for over 100 years.

The media and the arts have always been important to New York, and currently the creative industry is the second largest in the US. Creative businesses are moving to NYC or expanding, causing a growth in media (motion picture and television), fashion, with the new media (digital) and Internet business sectors benefiting from NYC’s strong telecommunications links, and taking an increasing share of local employment.

Real Estate is another important element, with local real estate businesses forming another important part of the economy, and the city itself being home to some of the world’s most expensive real estate, a total of more than $800 billion by recent count.

NYC trades on its world-wide recognition and importance by maximizing its tourist potential. It brings nearly 40 million visitors a year to local attractions like Broadway, The Empire State, Times Square and Central Park, all of which are world-famous in their own right.

Living cost and Taxes

New York has an income tax rate of between 4 and 6.85% and a sales tax rate of 8.38% Some people would claim New Yorkers are hard done by the tax system, paying more tax out than they receive back in services. The city has a net contribution to the rest of the US of more than $20 billion, split around 50/50 between the state and local government

The average wage in New York City goes some way to offsetting the higher cost of living, and compared to San Francisco, for example, overall disposable income is higher.

Most people in New York City rent, with around a third of rental properties having rent control or stabilization. The low home ownership can be accounted for by the local Real Estate costs, with New York being home to some of the most expensive property in the world, with prices around 30% higher than some cities. Moving to New York may cost you initially, but with an average home price gain of 16.6% compared to other cities with price gains of under 10% your house may soon be worth a considerable amount more!


The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is in charge of many aspects of the New York City infrastructure, including Air and Sea Ports, public transport services and bridges and tunnels.

New York’s financial strength and importance on the world stage can be partly attributed to its long history as a sea port. This tradition has continued to this day, with the ports of the New York area forming the largest, and highest capacity complex on the East Coast for container cargo, and is one of the busiest and most important in the world.

If you are looking to take your car with you on moving to NYC, you will be in good hands. New York handled nearly 750,000 automobiles in 2004 and has a large and dedicated automobile handling area.

Major airports

John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is the primary airport for the New York area, and the leading airport in the US in terms of international passenger traffic. The airport is also a major air freight hub and transports more cargo by dollar value than any other in the US. Much of the cargo moving to NYC through JFK is from the far east, mainly Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan, with top export destinations being Japan and Korea. London is also a major importer and exporter of goods to New York City through JFK.

The next largest airports are LaGuardia, and Newark Liberty International Airport, which together with JFK handle over 100 million travellers per year in some of the worlds busiest airspace.

Important Cities and Population Density

New York is the most densely populated city in the US, with a population of 8 million contained within just 320 square miles, and over 66,000 people per square mile in Manhattan!

New York City Facts

The city’s name derives from its past conquest. Having first been named New Amsterdam by the Dutch, it was handed to the British at the end of the Anglo-Dutch war as part of the settlement between the two nations. The British renamed it to New York, after York and the Duke of York and the name has remained ever since.

New York’s city population has always been diverse, having been a landing point for immigrants since inception. Around one third of the population are immigrants, one of the highest figures for any US city. Unlike other US cities with large immigrant populations, such as Miami, people moving to NYC are split fairly evenly among a large number of countries.

Currently the population is over 10% Jewish, giving New York the largest population of Jews in the world outside Israel. Other nationalities forming a significant percentage of the population include Italians and Irish (both long standing communities well known in New York) and more recently, Puerto Ricans and Chinese.

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