Moving to Hawaii – Relocation Overview

Are you considering moving to Hawaii? If you are looking for information on the beautiful islands that form the state of Hawaii, and help with the logistics of long distance moving to Hawaii, then allow us to guide you. We will provide you with up to 10 free and personalised quotes from experienced moving companies who will safely transport your possessions to the islands, whether you are moving long distance (inter-state) or internationally.

Move to Hawaii

The Hawaiian state is a group of islands located in the center of the Pacific Ocean, one of the furthest island archipelagos from any continental land mass. Most of the islands are included with the state, including the main islands, which are located towards the south of the archipelago. The location of the capital Honolulu is on the island of Oahu, towards the south of the chain, with the island of Hawaii being the largest geographically. The climate is tropical, but with a year round cooling effect from the easterly winds.

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Infrastructure / Job Prospects

If you are are interested in moving to Hawaii to work, you will find several important industries.

Since joining the Union, Hawaii has benefited from a growing tourist industry, which now forms almost 25% of all the state’s income. The outstanding natural beauty of the islands is one of the reasons for the boom in tourism, but the local Polynesian culture also plays a significant part, the most famous tourist aspects being the dances and lu’au buffets. The many resort locations located on the largest islands and the ease, and cost, of transport are just some of the many reasons tourism has increased, particularly from the US and Japan.

The state economy is approaching $50 billion, and includes over $500 million from agriculture in it’s various forms. Coffee and Pineapple are two of the large exports from Hawaii. The states natural resources would allow even greater exports if it was not for the distance to the main trading continents, primarily the US West Coast.

The government is trying to encourage a more economically diverse state economy, and hence is funding several initiatives.

The islands of Hawaii are well known for their high quality public transfer infrastructure. After moving to Hawaii you will be able to utilise the bus network “TheBus” which has over 4000 stops on the island of Oahu and a connecting ship service “TheBoat” designed to help with congestion on the roads, which is particularly bad in the rush hour in the capital, Honolulu.

All the main islands also have road systems, although Oahu is the only island to have roads designated as part of the interstate system, state coastal roads allow access to most of the coastline on the main islands, albeit via more scenic routes, and definitely not as fast as the interstate!

Hawaii and The Hawaii Film Office have done much to encourage major film production companies to come to the islands, with the Hawaiian International Film Festival being promoted every year since its inception in the early 80s. The island is the perfect location for many films, with such outstanding natural beauty combined with a modern infrastructure. Many well known films have been shot in the state, including Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park, and 50 First Dates.

Living cost and Taxes

The cost of living in Honolulu when compared to mainland state capitals is another reason to consider moving to Hawaii. A move to Honolulu from San Francisco would provide you with a gain in real terms of around 20% in disposable income, in addition to the obvious quality of life benefits of living on the islands.

The islands tax regime has been criticised in the past as restricting business investment, and the government needs to do more to encourage businesses thinking of moving to Hawaii, or opening offices on the islands. The personal tax situation is also similar, with residents paying a large state tax, due to the unique way Hawaii organises its tax system. The level is mitigated however by the huge tourist industry, which contributes through specific taxes, for instance those on accommodation, as well as general taxes, such as sales tax.


Ports are an essential part of Hawaii’s infrastructure, they allow produce moving to Hawaii to do so freely, but now with the addition of car ferry services, enable residents to move between the Hawaiian islands of Maui and Oahu. In addition, the ports support the cruise ships travelling between the islands, offering an alternative to air travel for the many visitors.

Major airports

Hawaii relies a great deal on Aviation in order to facilitate travel between the islands. Most journeys between islands are via the local commercial carriers.

Hawaii has several commercial airports, most notably Honolulu International Airport (HNL), one of the busiest airports in the US and serving many international routes including those to Asia (Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul) and Australia (Melbourne, Sydney) in addition to the continental US (Los Angeles, San Francisco) and inter-island flights

There are also commercial freight services available between most of the islands, which are essential for those intending moving to Hawaii, as well as trade between the islands and internationally.

Other international airports include Kona, serving international routes to Tokyo and Vancouver, in addition to 8 US continental destinations and inter-island destinations, and Hilo, serving mainly inter-island routes.

Move to Hawaii

Important Cities and Population Density

There are 100s of islands making up the archipelagos of Hawaii, and most of these islands are included within the state. The 8 largest islands are considered the main islands of the state, and are home to the majority of the 1.2 million residents.

The largest city, Honolulu can be found on the island of Oahu, and this is also the seat of government and the centre for most official buildings and infrastructure.

State Facts

The name Hawaii is from the Polynesian word meaning “Homeland”.

The islands have had a long and varied history since their original settlement. The earliest date supported by archaeological evidence is currently believed to be around 1100 AD by Polynesian explorers, but the islands are believed to have been settled a long time before.

The islands were discovered first by Western Europe after the last voyage of Captain James Cook, who died in the area during fights with natives, after a dispute over a stolen boat. The current flag of Hawaii still contains the Union Jack, betraying the early English influence.

Hawaii is the only state in the union to have been internationally recognised as an independent nation prior to becoming a state. The status of the islands as a state of the US is also the subject of dispute and the position is not clear under international law even to this day.

The roots of Hawaii are different to most of the mainland US states, in that the influence of immigrants moving to Hawaii has affected the ethnicity of its population significantly. Around 60% of the state population is of Asian origin, and over 15% of the population has Japanese ancestry.

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