Moving to Chicago – Relocation Overview

If you intend moving to Chicago, all you need to do is to learn more about the place, reading the basic information we have put together for you. Once you have decided to move to Chicago, just give us the required details and we will get you quotes from the best long distance moving companies to ensure a smooth and hassle-free move.

Chicago is the largest city in the state of Illinois and the largest city in the Midwest too. It is rich in history and is renowned for its historically innovative and influential architecture, making it an alpha world city. The other names of this city are ‘the Windy city’, ‘the second city’, ‘Chi town’, ‘Hog butcher for the world’, ‘City of the big shoulders’ and ‘the city that works’. It is located between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River Watershed.


A brief look at the climatic conditions prevailing in Chicago will only help give one a stronger basis to a long distance move. To a large extent, relocating to another place depends a lot on weather conditions. As the city lies within the humid continental climate zone, one will be witness to all the four seasons here. Winters are pretty cold and summers are rather warm. Rains are generally found in the summer months with short lived rainfall and thunder storms. Winters are dry though there is heavy snowfall.

City Landscape

A quick look at the landscape will give one a brief insight into the city one wishes to move into. Downtown Chicago is the main commercial and cultural section of the city which houses the city’s tallest buildings. Of late, many residential colonies are sprouting in this area too.

The North side is the most densely populated residential part of the city. It also features the city’s largest number of art galleries. The South Side has a larger land area with large housing properties and most of the industries are located here. The city’s largest public parks, the Jackson Park, the Hyde Park and the South Shore Washington Park are located in this area. In the West Side, one will find many neighborhoods where property value is increasing. The Douglas Park, Garfield Park and Humboldt Park here house the largest collection of tropical plants found in any U.S. city.

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Keeping oneself entertained in Chicago is not difficult at all. Once you move to Chicago, you can experience what most people in the city do. There are many theater activities in the city, where modern comedy as well as the Broadway style are encouraged. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra which is one of the world’s finest orchestras performs at the Symphony Centre as well as gives outdoor concerts in summer. Operas and Ballets are performed at various other venues.


Chicago has been named the best sports city in the United States. It is the only North American city to have had champion teams in all five major sports which are baseball, basketball, golf, hockey and soccer. Being a part of each game on the spectator stands once you move in and begin living in Chicago will only improve your interest in the city.

Moving to Chicago


Once your move to Chicago you could even consider taking up a career in the media if you have some experience in the numerous fields. Chicago is the third largest media market in the United States. Most television networks own and operate stations in this city. The public radio produces many interesting programs that are aired on the radio network. There are two major newspapers published in the city and there are several regional and special interest newspapers too.


Chicago has the third largest gross metropolitan product in USA. It has also been rated as having the most balanced economy in the country, due to the high level of diversification. It ranks fourth in the list of most important business centers in the world and has the greatest number of new corporate facilities in the country. It has been placed 10th on the list of richest cities of the world.

Finding a job in Chicago is not difficult at all. It has many opportunities for those who want to shift into the city and make a good living here. Chicago is home to the second largest labor pool in the country. It has the largest high technology and information technology industry employment in the country.

Chicago is a major financial center. It is the headquarters of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. It also houses three major financial and futures exchanges. Manufacturing of chemicals, metals, machinery and electronics; along with printing and publishing and food processing also play a major role in the city’s as well as the country’s economy.

Standard of living and taxation

There is a marked difference between the have’s and the have not’s in Chicago. It is easy to live in the city if you have a well paying job and your requirements are well within your means. Those who do not have good jobs and have to live in the city find it difficult to make ends meet as prices could be comparatively high.

The only major taxation in Chicago is property tax. Over the years, the government has tried to levy taxes on various things but nothing has survived except the property tax, which was first introduced in the early nineteenth century.


The population is estimated to be 2,833,321 people, which ranks Chicago as the third populated city in the United States, the density of population being 12,470 people per square miles. The population is made up of blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians and Pacific Islanders.

Moving to Chicago

Higher Education

Education is another field one can look at for jobs and make a comfortable living in the city after one has moved in. Since the late nineteenth century, Chicago has been the world center for higher education and research. One of the world’s top research universities, University of Chicago is located in this city. The University Of Illinois College Of Medicine is the largest medical school in the country. The other colleges and universities of repute are North Western University, Feinberg School of Medicine and School of Law and Loyola University. The largest Jesuit Catholic University is located in this city. The Illinois Institute of Technology is a renowned engineering and architecture college. Chicago also has the largest number of seminaries and theological schools, next only to the Vatican City.


Moving in and out of Chicago or moving around in the city is not a problem at all. A major transportation hub of the country, Chicago is the third inter modal port the world. Moreover it is the only city in the country where six Class I railroads meet. It is one of the largest rail service hubs of the nation. Many long distance services originate from Union station to different parts of the United States. Nine interstate highways run through Chicago.

The Chicago Transit Authority operates an extensive network of buses and a rapid transit system with several lines. Pace provides bus and paratransit service in the suburbs and other extensions. Metro operates commuter rail services in Chicago and the suburbs. Bicycling is very common in the city. There are many bicycle lanes and bike racks as well as a state of art bicycle commuter station.

The Midway International Airport and the O’Hare International Airport, which is also one of the world’s busiest airports help people commute in and out of the city with ease, connecting the city with the rest of the world.

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