Living in Florida

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The way of living in Florida

If you are thinking of relocating to Florida there are a large number of things to consider. Life in “The Sunshine State” varies from county to county, and the area you choose to live in will depend on your personal preferences. There are however, several consistent features throughout the state.

Tourism in Florida

Florida is an international tourist destination, and as it’s nickname suggests, you will enjoy Sunshine most of the year round! The subtropical climate though brings with it hurricanes and storms, which are part of life in the state, especially during the height of summer.

There are several major cities where you may be considering living in fl including Miami, Orlando and Tampa. All three of these cities have important economies and large populations and international airports.

Florida has a lower cost of living than many states, but also a lower average wage. When moving to fl you will need to ensure that your overall standard of living is not reduced. Some areas which may increase your cost of livings are the beach resorts and tourist areas, where both property and goods may be more expensive.

The economy will be important to you if you are relocating to Florida for work. Tourism and the conference industry are important parts of the economy, as are hi-tech, research and defence. As with most states, if you are moving to Florida from outside of the US you will need a work visa to work in most businesses.

As you would expect for a tourist state, Florida’s residents are well known for their friendly, welcoming attitude. A warm welcome will make making moving to Florida that little bit easier.

Another part of life, is unfortunately, taxes! moving to Florida, does however bring certain tax advantages, including discounts on property tax, no personal income tax and other benefits.

When you are living in Florida the transport network will be of great interest. The state is home to hundreds of airports, including large International airports, large ports in Miami and Tampa and a good state and inter-state road network. Orlando International Airport, is the busiest passenger airport in the state, and has been voted the best airport in the country. With all these facilities, travelling, whether for work or for pleasure, won’t be an issue.

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