Living in California

If there is a place on earth where every experience is truly magical, it is undoubtedly California. This is so true from both a tourist and a resident point of view. Living in California can be just a magical experience with all the diversities that the Golden City has to offer from the best sunset to the most exciting adventures that you may ever imagine. When you are living in California, you need to remember that you are residing in a place that has been blessed with vast natural resources and the residents have dedicated their efforts in maintaining the greenery of the city. You will come across a major cross-section of the population that has evinced keen interest in conserving the land area as well as protecting all its endangered species. Moving to California will automatically infuse you with this amazing sense of environmental awareness.

Another major element of the city that hits you strongly while living in California is the thread of diversity that is imminent in every aspect of life. The influx of people from every corner of the world has contributed to the rich diversity of this highly cosmopolitan and open minded state. Californians are well known for their accommodative nature which has evolved into an oceanic variety of culture, languages, religion and lifestyles. While living in California, you will realize the strong presence of Africa American, Asian American and Latin cultures in the state.

A very important aspect of living in California that impresses you is the stunning levels of dedication of the state to public education. You can come across various proficient public schools that offer elementary, middle and high education. These schools are regarded as some of the best in the country. As far as higher education is concerned, if you are living in California you are bestowed with some of the globally acclaimed Universities like the Stanford University and the Berkeley University. The state is also the home to some of the finest public universities in the country.

As far as the housing options are considered, living in California gives you the flexibility of choosing from a wide array of options that suit your needs. People preferring urban lifestyle can opt for areas like San Francisco or Oakland while those who wish to savor the suburban taste of life go in for areas like Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon and Danville. Living here will bestow the residents of all the needed gifts of life like great education, convenient shopping, wide open areas, comparatively lesser crime rates etc.

When it comes to recreation and relaxing, California has more than enough to keep you occupied and enthralled. Living in California will give you the magical access to some of the best national Parks and State Parks in the country. Apart from this, is a fact of great pride that the State maintains almost 15000 campsites and thousands of miles of hiking and equestrian trails. You will consider yourself blessed while living in California – the Gold State that is one of the most sought after destinations to live life to its fullest!

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