Apartments in Florida

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If you are moving to Florida where you live in the state will be one of the most important decisions you make. There are several major cities where you may be considering apartments in Florida. The main three in terms of population and financial or cultural importance are Miami, Orlando and Tampa.

Cost of living in Florida

Although Florida in general has a slightly lower cost of living than most states, areas with high tourist potential, particularly the beach resorts, will be more expensive, whether you are buying or renting. You will want to ensure that you are not decreasing your overall standard of living.

Tourism forms a large part of Florida’s economy. It’s large theme parks and beaches are known across the world. With Walt Disney World, Sea World and Universal, Orlando alone welcomes nearly 50 million visitors a year!

If you are relocating to Florida from outside of the US you will need a work visa to work in most businesses.

Other considerations, such as education, will be important if you have, or are considering a family.

Once you have chosen the area you prefer, you will be able to focus your search through the local real estate agents.

Florida has a primarily subtropical climate, with rainy and dry seasons. Storms and hurricanes are not uncommon during the height of the summer. Therefore it is important to check your apartment for Hurricane resistance before deciding on whether to move in.

Once you have moved in, take the opportunity to speak to your neighbours and find out what preparations they take for their home during the Hurricane season. This will include protecting the property and ensuring you have various essentials in the house. These are minor downsides to the year round sunshine you will be able to enjoy in “The Sunshine State” though!

Apartments in Florida and Taxes

Another reason apartments in Florida are popular are the tax breaks available to Florida residents. Property taxes are low for most people, when compared to other states and there is no local income tax to pay as an individual.

Another factor in choosing apartments in Florida is the local transport. The largest airports are located in Miami and Orlando. Orlando International Airport, is the busiest passenger airport in the state, and has been voted the best airport in the country. Many moving companies in Florida use Miami International Airport’s cargo facilities as the largest facility in the region. Additionally Florida’s ports also provide options for moving home.

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