Selling a Home Quickly Before an International Move

How to Sell Your Home Quickly Before an International Move

Every homeowner wants a quick turnaround when attempting to sell a home, but this is particularly true for those who are moving internationally.

The quick sale of a home is crucial when facing the prospect of long distance moving. This is especially true when forced to move prior to the sale of a home.

Making more than one mortgage payment for several months can be detrimental to your family budget. Here are some tips to selling your home fast and getting on with your international move.


This tip may sound obvious, but there are a shockingly large number of homeowners that do not perform simple cleaning measures. If you are in the process of an international move, it is not hard to maintain a home you aren’t even living in.

Just make sure you have cleaned the home thoroughly from top to bottom prior to leaving for the last time. This may include steam cleaning carpets or painting walls with odor eliminating paints because, once your property is gone, smells that were previously masked might become evident.


If the international moving process is already complete prior to selling your home, you actually have a bit of an advantage. Potential buyers are often turned off by an abundance of personal items in a home. When your belongings have been removed, the buyer can more easily picture his or her property filling the home.

Unfortunately, a bare home can also work against you. Having no furniture in a home leaves unimaginative buyers little to work with in terms of picturing the house a home. A happy medium is to stage the home with a minimal amount of furniture.

Sofa, chairs, coffee table, dining set, and some bedroom furniture can help a potential buyer envision living in the home without over-personalizing it and turning them off. If you are using a realtor, ask him or her for help.

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We associate many memories with scents. The majority of people associate good memories with the smell of baked goods. If you are making a long distance move, it may be impossible to actually bake goods on the day of a showing.

Many candles and scented wax come in the scents of sweet baked goods like cinnamon rolls, cookies, and cakes. Leave candles or wax warmers for your realtor or trusted friend to use on the day of a showing to fill your house with homey scents.

Curb appeal

This tip focuses on the appearance of your home from the road. Many potential buyers will not even enter a home they see as unappealing from the outside. Consider hiring landscapers to make weekly visits to ensure your landscaping is kept neat while you focus on each step of the long distance moving process.

Also, evaluate the outside of your home. Power wash any dirt or mildew that has built up, fix any broken siding, and consider painting your front door.

Finding help for the move

Professionals that specialize in this logistical chore can aid in long distance moving. When it comes time to make a long distance or international move, shop around for a group of long distance movers that have a strong track record.

Sure, you could let your budget dictate which movers your hire, but the cheapest will not be the best. Long distance moving requires quality and reliable help to handle precious belongings with thought and care.

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