Things to Consider When Moving a Pet Overseas

If you are moving your family internationally, that might include a four-legged friend. While it is certainly possible to include a pet in an international move, it might not always be the right decision.

The following are a number of factors to consider when deciding whether or not to bring a pet with you, or else find it a new, loving home before you make the move.

Contact your consulate

Make this your first step in deciding whether or not to include a pet in your international move. Each country has its own laws and regulations on bringing in pets. Some countries allow them and some don’t, while others mandate that you must keep pets quarantined for a certain period of time.

Your findings will dictate whether or not moving a pet is even possible. If your new country will not allow pets, or has put in place substantial red tape that you must cut through, it may be best to leave pets at home.

Assess your pet’s needs

Moving your pet to an unfavorable location would not be fair for it. While you may want to keep pets around for your own pleasure, you should not put undue stress or suffering on the animal.

Think about what is best for your pet.

  • How will your pet survive in the country’s climate? If you are moving to an extreme climate, it probably will not bode well for your pet.
  • How does your pet handle change? International moving creates a huge adjustment, and your pet might not take to it well. Furthermore, consider the fact that your pet will be transported a long distance. How will they be able to handle the trip?
  • Is your pet in good health? While it might sound cruel, moving a pet can be expensive. It might not be a wise investment if that pet is not in good health or is extremely old. You can just as easily arrange proper care for it state side.

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Arrange accommodations

If you decide to include your pet in your move overseas, you will need to make special arrangements. Only specialized carriers handle the transport of pets. You will have to find a business that can take care of your needs.

You will also need the proper cage/carrier in which to transport the pet, in addition to bringing the animal to a vet to receive the appropriate vaccinations.

Some vets are especially knowledgeable when it comes to moving a pet overseas. If possible, try to meet with a professional that has experience in this area.

Remember your pet’s accommodations

It is unlikely that when you arrive at your destination, you will be able to run to the supermarket and pick up food and other supplies for your pet. You must pack them with you and make sure it is easily accessible so your pet does not have to go days without proper accommodations.

It is also very important to fill out the necessary paperwork and contact the appropriate government officials who are facilitating the move.

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